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We operate a small family run apiary with only a few bee colonies. However, we love to share our experiences with these exceptional creatures. Throughout the season we post updates on our blog to help fellow beekeepers. We are posting status updates from hive inspections, mistakes made and success stories. You can always drop us a line if you have any specific questions.

I became interested in keeping bees back in 2015 after planting several fruit trees on our property.
Since my first research I have read hundreds of blog posts and watched even more videos on YouTube. I am sharing my favorite resources here.

Seven Lakes Honey

Our bees enjoy foraging the neigbhorhood, they bring back pollen and nectar for honey from all kinds of wild flowers, black berries and other local sources.

Most of the time we have more honey than we consume in a year and we are offering it to local customers. Please contact us if you are interested in some local raw honey.
It is well known that raw honey comes with many health benefits, a list of the top 6 benefits can be found here.

No treatments!

Our honey is not treated at all. After extracting the honey from the bee hive we strain it to seperate the beeswax from the honey and put it straight into the jars.

We enjoy our honey on toast, as sweetener in our tea and we have also replaced sugar in many dishes with our own honey!

Raw Honey
Natural and Local Raw Honey