Bee House Project

It is still winter in the Pacific Northwest, but this weekend we have seen some nice sunbreaks and bees have been out on their cleansing flights.

Back in December I have placed an order with Heritage Portable Buildings in Burlington and on Friday it was finally go time.

Beekeeping requires a lot of equipment and instead of having all the extra bee boxes, etc. taking up space in the garage I decided to place a small wood shed behind my bee yard.

Below are some pictures from the last couple of days. The building has arrived, it is all set up and we were able to stain it today. My goal is to get it all finished up with electrical wiring and some basic plumbing over the next few weeks. I will post some updates as the project moves along. My goal is to manage the entire beekeeping season from the new bee house. Bee boxes are heavy and being able to extract the honey next to the hives will be so much easier than schlepping boxes across the property.

Landing Pad:IMG_3307

Floor is going in:IMG_3311

Roof is going on:IMG_3312

Time to stain the exterior walls:IMG_3326

First coat completed:IMG_3335

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